A Bit About The Blog

This is a blog to share programming news and techniques to help make some lives easier out there. I know it became useful for me the day I searched Google for the answer to a problem and I got a response of one of my posts!  It grew out of Garry’s Bit Patterns which was a regular blog covering GUI, source control, and any other interesting programming news. Then it grew into Programmer's Log (now defunct, someone else owns the domain now) and then went back to Garry’s Bit Patterns.

This is now the amalgamation of all those blogs into one source. This is built using Octopress with a modified version of the compbits theme. This is all statically rendered and uploaded to Github Pages, and you can check out the core repositories on my Github Account.

Don't be surprised by the occasional posts about comics, since the medium is very important to me. I do occasionally find the time to write and draw my own comics.

A bit about me

I’m Garry Bodsworth, a developer in rainy Cambridge (UK). Generally I love technology and comics, and the order varies depending how I feel.

I studied at Essex University for a BSc and MSc, and then worked in CAD/CAM for seven years with NC Graphics, Vero International Software, and Parametric Technology Corporation. The best guys are all at NCGCAM now - check them out.

I spent a good six months with DisplayLink working on USB displays. They still do good stuff, check them out.

Then I worked at at Cambridge Visual Networks (Camvine) which was tangentially related to DisplayLink working on network connected displays, which then turned into a fully fledged digital signage company. Unfortunately the comapny is no longer around, but the code is still at various companies who bought the rights.

Next up I worked at Bromium to revolutionise computer security. I worked on the network driver stack in C, user space and browsers in C++, two webservices (one in node.js and a proper one in Django), and then protecting Safari with Objective-C/C++/Javascript.

I had a new adventure in London at Lift London a new computer game start-up funded by Microsoft.

I'm now back at Bromium in Cambridge working on the Mac team doing things difficult things to protect the end user from the security threats out there.