Adobe Development Process

Thu 08 March 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

An interesting article came up on The Register about the Adobe development process. It covers the approach applied for Adobe CS3 and how it was successful. Really it was an application of iterative development. You can read the article here.

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Vista and system RAM

Thu 01 March 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

There is an article here about how Vista handles system memory. It is called "Why does Vista use all my memory" by Jeff Atwood.

Essentially all system memory is now considered a cache (using a system called SuperFetch). This means that the amount of memory used would be as much ...

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OpenGL News and SDK Released

Tue 27 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Volume 3 of the OpenGL has been released, read it here.

In this volume there is a lot of good stuff. There is more about the OpenGL process, information about OpenGL ES (the embedded platform), a look at the OpenGL SDK, and plenty more.

The OpenGL SDK has been released ...

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Improve your XP experience

Tue 27 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Since going back to standard XP Pro I thought is there a way of making it look a bit more modern. I didn't fancy messing round with the theming DLLs and using what essentially amount to substandard themes.

I thought how about getting the MCE2005 UI on Windows XP ...

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KDE News Roundup

Mon 26 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

There has been even more KDE information flying about recently. All very exciting leading up to the eventual release of KDE4 which is shaping up to be pretty impressive.

Dolphin has made its way into kdebase. There is talk of it now becoming the new default file manager.

The new ...

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That Is It! I Can Take No More!

Mon 26 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Finally today I snapped.

No more Vista for me I am going back to Windows XP and hopefully a working life of sanity. I had been at work for two hours and accomplished nothing but fighting with Windows Vista for uninstalling, installing, and rebooting. Even then I didn't manage ...

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Desktop Compositing In Linux

Tue 20 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The desktop compositing situation in Linux is moving pretty fast. Compiz is the base, but Beryl, a branch of Compiz, is the one getting a lot of coverage mainly due to its speed of development.

There is an update about Compiz/Beryl from xdevconf07 about their relationship.

Additionally there is ...

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Google Summer Of Code 2007

Tue 20 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Google have announced Summer Of Code 2007.

Last year it helped projects get more functionality and encouraged more people to get involved with open-source projects. They will start taking applications in March, and providing the successful applicants apply themselves well (many find they have to drop out or they are ...

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C++ Programming - not for the faint hearted

Sun 11 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Whilst scouring the Adobe ASL website (which contains an open-source GUI toolkit) I encountered a few interesting links and tidbits of information. The ASL is written in C++ utilising sections of Boost (part of which now includes Adobe's on GIL library) and the most hardcore of generic programming techniques ...

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GUI Toolkits - Win32++

Sat 10 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Win32++ is a GUI toolkit just for Windows. It is a C++ toolkit providing abstraction from the base Win32 functionality, kind of like MFC, but written much better and more clearly.

It is a small toolkit that is a thin wrapper around the Win32 API. It is not a drop-in ...

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Installers - Inno Setup

Thu 08 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The best freely available installer program I have found is Inno Setup. NSIS2 is obviously the most popular and well known but when I was investigating both systems I found NSIS2 unwieldy and the scripting not very intuitive. When I saw the Inno Setup scripting it just made sense, the ...

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Sabayon Linux

Wed 07 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

A new distribution on the block is Sabayon Linux. I don't normally make a habit of talking about Linux distributions, but I found it quite interesting.

Sabayon is based on Gentoo, the infamous source-based Linux distribution. What makes it interesting is it is a KDE distribution with Beryl installed ...

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Windows Vista - Menus

Tue 06 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Way back in November I made a post about menus on Windows Vista. Essentially it came down to the fact that custom drawing did not draw menu items correctly, and even Windows Explorer on Vista had the same rendering problems.

There is a post on Shell Blog about Vista style ...

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Beryl 0.2.0 Preview

Mon 05 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

There is a nice long preview of Beryl 0.2.0 you can read here.

Beryl is a 3D compositing engine for Linux desktops. It can use 3D acceleration and provides lots of nice effects, including the new ones available in Windows Vista. There are lots of screenshots there showing ...

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Mon 05 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Nope, I haven't forgot how to type, but it is a new Java Library for game development. It provides access to OpenAL and OpenGL through Java.

LWJGL is designed to allow commercial quality game development in Java and represents many years of development. It's not a game engine ...

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Computer Games

Sat 03 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The past week I have been compiling a list of free (open-source and closed-source) games available for Windows/Mac/Linux. It is amazing how much there is out there, so I'll probably have to divide it up into multiple posts.

There are lots of good quality open-source projects, which ...

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A Good Resource - An Update

Sat 03 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

I've mentioned this link previously, but there is a great resource for libraries that are freely available.

Free Game Development Libraries

The list has had a recent update with even more libraries. I just wish I had time to go through them all...

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KDE4 - More Information

Thu 01 February 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The steady stream of information about KDE4 is still flowing.

There is a new interview with some of the developers porting KDE to Mac and Windows that can be read here. It covers the near future of being able to run KDE applications natively on all three platforms.

There is ...

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When we will grind to a halt?

Wed 31 January 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

With my problems with Vista I have to wonder when the world will grind to a halt. I realise it is a very pessimistic view and I know it won't happen, because it will probably just cause more hardware churn (the buying of new hardware). Those that know what ...

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GUI Toolkits - CEGUI

Tue 30 January 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

CEGUI or Crazy Eddie's GUI System is not a typical GUI toolkit. It is designed primarily for gamers to embed a GUI interface into graphics windows (normally in order to use this they would be fullscreen or you would use the platform toolkit).

The GUI toolkit itself has backends ...

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