Cool Use For Virtualisation

Mon 03 December 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Virtualisation is obviously the hot computing technology of the moment. We make good use of virtualisation where I work in order to really get around weird Windows limitations where it seems dislike multithreading.

The good thing now is VMWare Workstation is free so you can use images anywhere.

What impressed ...

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Visual Studio 2005 Intellisense Update

Tue 13 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Ah, Intellisense, the bane of all C++ developers. I can't tell you how many times my Visual Studio has crawled into a hole and refused to get out or how many times the ncb has been corrupted by some arcane behaviour.

But rather than waiting for Visual Studio 2008 ...

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Mon 12 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The article du jour on the Internet for any self-respecting nerd is this one. It details the characteristics of computer nerds in a lighthearted and serious way. I guarantee you will see some of yourself in it as you are reading this blog and it is about development and programming ...

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Official News On The MFC Update

Sun 11 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Obviously I have been posting recently about the new native code and MFC updates that will be appearing in Visual Studio 2008. There is now some official news on the Visual C++ Team Blog.

You can see the posts here:
Announcing a major MFC update plus TR1 support
Channel 9 ...

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GUI Toolkits - MFC v9 - Visual Studio 2008 - Yet Another Update

Fri 09 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Well, as it turns out the new features for MFC in Visual Studio 2008 are actually a license of the BCGSoft interface toolkits. I guess this might be similar to the deal with Dinkumware for the STL implementation that Microsoft license a version of and then bolt their own things ...

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Developer Tools

Thu 08 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

This morning I went to the Joel On Software Fogbugz 6.0 talk that was hosted in Cambridge. It was an interesting presentation on the new features and capabilities of Fogbugz with some nice little anecdotes dropped in for good measure. Most of the time was spent on the new ...

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GUI Toolkits - MFC v9 - Visual Studio 2008 - An Update

Thu 08 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth en en 

I blogged a while back about the secret MFC features for VS2008 (MFC v9) here. The information was going to appear at Microsoft Technet Europe 2007in a talk by Ale Contenti.

Well, I think the talk must have now happened as there are a few posts out here on the ...

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Tue 06 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

As the standard for the next version of C++ gets closer to being finalised, more details are emerging. In October was the Kona meeting for the C++ committee and you can read about it from Herb Sutter on this post.

Lots of good stuff has been voted in like nullptr ...

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wxWidgets 3.0 In The New Year

Mon 05 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth
wxWidgets 3.0 will be released in 2008. You can read some details here. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) this new major release will not be the radical rethink that has been mooted for the past couple of years. The major feature will be the full integration of ...
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Visual Studio 2008 - Out late November 2007

Mon 05 November 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Microsoft have announced Visual Studio 2008 will be released at the end of November 2007. It was announced as part of Microsoft TechEd Europe in Spain.

A lot of the details about MFC and native development are still shrouded in mystery. Some of this I have outlined in a previous ...

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Writing A Decent Library

Mon 29 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

When you are writing a shared library (DLL) you have to put a lot of thought into the public interface which your customer (another programmer) will be using.

What you have to work out is whether it is closed or open source, whether the binaries are supplied, and how you ...

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SPA Cambridge Talk - Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Mon 29 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

The latest SPA Cambridge talk is coming on the 14th November, follow the link here to sign up. Here are the details:

Windows Presentation Foundation

Ian Griffiths Interact Software Limited


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a platform for building Windows desktop applications that can take full advantage of the ...

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ACCU Cambridge Talk - Agile Development

Thu 25 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Thursday 1st November is the next ACCU Cambridge talk. This month's one is about Agile Development:

So you want to do Agile software development? How, or where do you start?

In this talk Allan looks at the problem of changing your organization over to Agile software development. He gives ...

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Another Cambridge Talk - Joel Spolsky

Tue 23 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

As part of the FogBugz World Tour Joel Spolsky of Joel On Software will be doing a talk in Cambridge.

The main basis for it is to drum up interest for FogBugz v6.0 but it will involve some discussion of the software development process. You can sign up for ...

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Static Code Analysis - PREFast

Sat 20 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

At work we use Gimpel PC-Lint to analyse our source code for defects that the compiler does not pick up. We use it on quite a strict level even after bolting it on to a legacy code-base. There are some tools to make your life a little easier when using ...

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Tools To Make A Developers Life Easier - Trac

Wed 17 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

Trac by Edgewall Software is at its most simplistic level an issue tracker that provides source control integration (mainly for Subversion). But it is much more than that, it also has a built-in wiki, source browser, and project management through the ticketing system.

It's a really decent tool for ...

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GUI Toolkits - Ultimate++

Tue 16 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth en en 

Ultimate++ is a GUI toolkit with its own IDE, GUI designer, build system, collections, and more. In the recent past it has improved its integration into the operating system with its Chameleon technology for native look and feel.

Unfortunately at the moment it is not 100% geared to be used ...

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Build Systems

Mon 15 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

I was setting up the Visual Studio build system to target not only multiple build types but multiple platforms. This is the point I discovered hand editing the solution files is the only way to maintain consistency and accuracy of the builds. This is because the ue interface provided is ...

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C++ and 64-bits

Sun 14 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

When pursuing the development of a 64-bit native program you realise that everything is not what you thought it was. Somehow I had convinced myself of the wrong sizes for the built in types. This wasn't due to ignorance but due to the plethora of 64-bit implementations.

I'd ...

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Complete Insanity In The World Of Computing

Sun 14 October 2007 by Garry Bodsworth

And now for something completely different...

I thought I would share some of the more insane things I have heard in the world of computing.

No Source Control

It's amazing to think that a company can get away without source control, let alone a company supplying closed-source library functionality ...

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