Firefox 3 Released

Wed 18 June 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Go get it here:

Download Day

Have a little read on how to make it even better for the Mac here.

Firefox 3

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Bill Gates Talks Some Sense - A 1986 Interview

Tue 17 June 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

The Programmers At Work blog have posted a 1986 interview with Bill Gates - you can read it here.

What is incredibly bizarre is that he talks a lot of sense and a lot of it is still applicable today. Certainly 20 years later substitute assembler for C, and C with ...

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GUI Toolkits - eGUI++ Easy GUI

Tue 10 June 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I've blogged a few times in the past about John Torjo's Win32 GUI Generics. It was really quite an impressive accomplishment using the advanced C++ techniques in Windows development, but was a bit of a rough diamond. I did do some minor changes to my local copy when ...

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Upcoming Cambridge Talks

Tue 10 June 2008 by Garry Bodsworth en en 

Tomorrow there is the latest BCS SPA talk in Cambridge. This month we have Dependency Injection by Stephen Oakman. If you're in Cambridge and fancy a computer talk with the obligatory pub-based discussion afterwards, give it a go.

Coming up in July Cory Doctorow is giving a talk in ...

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Redmine - Part 2

Tue 03 June 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I have been playing with the project management/issue tracker Redmine a bit more over the past couple of days. I have been getting more and more impressed the more I use it because it is so swift to use, by swift I don't mean it runs fast, I ...

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Bug Databases - Redmine

Thu 29 May 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

While on my Internet travels I found a bug database system I hadn't encounterd before called Redmine. It's open-source and based on Ruby-On-Rails, and provides much more than simply bugtracking. It refers to itself as a project management tool as it provides enough tools to do that.

Features ...

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Web Development - Pylons

Wed 21 May 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I was reading some information about Ruby On Rails and watching a few of the screencasts and I was really impressed about how fast you can create a database-backed website. One of the good blogs about it is A Fresh Cup where a Microsoft refugee embarks on a career in ...

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Goings On In The Land Of Eclipse

Mon 19 May 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I've been playing around with some of the Alpha/Beta releases of Eclipse. I haven't played around with it for quite a while but some of the advancements look really interesting.

Currently Eclipse has 3.4.M7 is available for download. One of the most interesting features is ...

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Firefox 3 On The Mac

Sun 18 May 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I've been using Firefox 3 on the Mac for the past month so I thought I'd share some of my experiences when using it. There release candidate download page is here.

The reason I didn't start using it beforehand was because I was waiting for a supported ...

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Microsoft STL Performance

Sun 13 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

On the Boost discussion group there is a discussion started about High Cost of MS "Safe" STL for Release Builds. It is an interesting look at the massive differences between "safe" and "non-safe" options in Microsoft STL.

I don't think there has been a clear look at the efficiencies ...

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ACCU 2008 Conference Blog Posts

Sat 12 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Sharing Is Good - The Open-Source Insomniac

Fri 11 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Insomniac Games who are behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance: Fall Of Man have recently decided to start sharing knowledge. Gaming is a notoriously secretive industry and is not well renowned for its open-ness, and Insomniac think its mad that developers keep reinven the ...

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Fri 11 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

In a few previous posts I have mentioned some alternative STL implementations. You can read about rdestl here as well as uSTL and stdcxx here.

I've stumbled across a couple of other STL implementations for more specific purposes that I thought some people might find useful.

First up is ...

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Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Released

Thu 10 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Good news for Windows C++ developers the update to Visual Studio 2008 has been released. This "Feature Pack" contains some of the new TR1 C++ standard library as well as a major MFC update.

Details from the Visual C++ Team Weblog can be found here with some videos and links ...

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Git For Windows - msysgit

Thu 10 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Today I finally got a chance to install msysgit - the Git port for Windows using MinGW.

I was extremely impressed with the painless install and the ease of integration (into the shell context menu and the commandline). The installer size is a trim 8Mb so it is a quick download ...

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GTK+ The Future

Thu 10 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Lots of information has been revealed recently about possible future directions for GTK+. There is a comprehensive article on ArsTechnica here.

Imendio, one of the active developers of GTK+ made a recent presentation you can see here. This outlines what they see as the future direction and release plans for ...

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ACCU 2008 Conference

Sat 05 April 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Disclaimer: These are my interpretations of what I learnt from the talks rather than a transcription of what they said. This means that I probably misheard and misinterpreted some parts which may be hazardous to your health.

DisplayLink were very generous and allowed me to attend the ACCU 2008 conference ...

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DisplayLink for Mac OSX

Mon 31 March 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Something work related for a change... As you can see from my profile I work for DisplayLink where we make USB display technology. Most people can't believe that it will be very good, but whenever anyone sees one of our docks or adapters in action are impressed by the ...

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C++ Is Great

Sun 30 March 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

There is an interesting interview with Bjarne Stroustrop on DDJ. It covers mainly how to train people in C++ and the future of C++.

The most interesting part of the entire interview is the bit about the ISO standard committee and how it all works. People seem to complain C ...

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Boost 1.35 Released

Sun 30 March 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

A new version of the Boost Library for C++ has been released. Version 1.35 adds 12 new libraries as well as the usual improvements and bugfixes. Also there is a new look website which is a nice looking refinement with better access to the documentation. Boost is a great ...

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