More Creator-Owned Comics - Genocide: Duostar

Tue 05 March 2013 by Garry Bodsworth

Before I gave up drawing around 17/18 (nearly 18 years ago) I was working on a strip that I was hoping to be published in a new Lee Davies (he of the old UK fanzine Mondo) publication.  So I came up with a whole series bible and a set of comic strips in this universe.  Unfortunately part of the reason for giving up on comics was the publication never started and I didn't think I was good enough (looking back I was a little harsh on myself).

I had all these pages gathering dust for nearly 20 years(!)  Noone else has seen them apart from me when I was drawing them.  Apart from Transformers fanzines I seem to have not successsfully managed to publish any comics, so I have loads of strips in varying states of completedness.  Please bear in mind this was done in 1995-ish so such wonders of computers I was using but manually pasting up because it was another year before I had a suitable DTP package.

For Creator Owned Day I've decided to scan them in.  Without further ado is Genocide: Duostar unleashed on an unsuspecting world!

Genocide: Duostar Page 01Genocide: Duostar Page 02Genocide: Duostar Page 03Genocide: Duostar Page 04Genocide: Duostar Page 05Genocide: Duostar Page 06

This is the original version that I completely re-wrote and re-drew when I wasn't happy with it and after getting a script critique.  This is a lot splashier and influenced by US comics, but the version above was much tighter and more 2000AD which is far closer to my sensibilities.

Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 01Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 02Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 03Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 04Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 05Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 06Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 07Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 08Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 09Early Duostar Comic Strip Page 10

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