Real Nerd Food – Inamo

Sun 19 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

There is a restaurant in London called Inamo where you get to order your food by interacting with your tablecloth. Overhead projectors display your tablecloth and table information and you use a little touchpad like device to interact with the services in the restaurant. You place your orders and can even play games all through the interface.

This is the user interface – the large circle is used to move the pointer and the small one acts like a button, although tapping the main one also does the same.
Inamo 1
Browsing the food in the menu displays is tantalisingly on your plate. Also a picture of some real food.
Inamo 12Inamo 10
Playing Battleship and winning quite convincingly.
Inamo 15Inamo 9Inamo 8
A closer look at the UI.
Inamo 14
The projector up above.
Inamo 11
The changing tablecloths.
Inamo 17Inamo 23Inamo 25
Oh yes, and I got to see a giant plug nearby on the side of a building(!)
Giant Plug