Good Looking Ibex

Thu 16 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

I have been running a VM of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex for a few days now. I am not overly enamoured by the default theme, mainly the blandness and the window padding which since using my Mac I know is an unnecessary luxury (also to make Vista more manageable make sure you get rid of the crazy 4 pixel window padding).

I decided to use the Dust theme because it is understated, looks clean and by default using no window padding. The main bonus is that there is a Firefox theme as well, and as I spend most of my life with open web browsers it deals with that minor niggle of consistency. The screenshots that you will see by following the above link will show you it is well thought out.

As Lifehacker have posted today there is a new theme called DarkRoom with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. It’s basically a dark (brown) theme. From the screenshots it looks nice and leathery but nowhere near as nice as the Dust theme. I can’t seem to find if it skins Firefox but since it is an official skin I imagine it must.