B-Movie Links

Thu 16 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Old School B-Movie Posters
I think I am just a grumpy old man now because they really knew how to make fantastic posters back in the day.

mimo 7-inch lcd monitor perfect for extra menus
This looks like a DisplayLink minimon to me. These are cool little additions to your array of displays.

E17 adapted to Linux devices, demo’d on Treo650
Enlightenment E17 on a low power mobile phone. It looks good and has very low requirements for those features (32MB of RAM, on an ARM9 processor clocked at 317MHz).

How-to: Make an e-paper clock from Esquire magazine
The hacking of the Esquire e-paper displays has got us a clock now.

SoHo NAS devices run EMC Linux
NAS with 1Tb at $300 – hardware is cheap.