Tue 14 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Browser Paint Events
Work out what is being painted and when in your browser.

PyPy – Sprint Discussions: C++ Library Bindings
An interesting thought process on hooking C++ libraries into Python. What I had never heard of was the Reflex package which provides introspection and sounds very interesting.

Ubuntu Dust Theme
Make your Ubuntu look extremely cool. This theme is fantastic and clear, and I particularly like the fact that there are no window borders! How this isn’t the default theme for some distribution I have no idea. Oh yeah, make sure you have the Firefox theme as well to make it look more integrated.

Vinyl Wall Design
They have some very cool Space Invaders and Pacman wall decorations.

iPhone Doodles
An artist using “Brushes” on the iPhone with some really good results.

The Painted Covers of Norman Saunders
Beautiful classic painted covers.