LEGO Links

Sun 12 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Fantastic Plastic: 20 Essential Works of LEGO Art
LEGO art is simply brilliant! I love the Escher piece.

Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker’s Library
This has some serious nerd cool. And some lucky people get to see it by invitation.

Blue Screen of Death in unexpected locations
It’s amazing some of these have happened. At least at Camvine we won’t see any, unless we design a webpage to look like it.

Lua in Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom is very interesting. The core is written in C++ (thanks to some of the work done by the Adobe Software Technology Labs) and the program logic is written in Lua. I seem to remember some mention of this at the Sean Parent talks at this year’s ACCU conference. It’s a great use of mixing languages.

A 20-year game of Telephone
A look at the claims of the industry about the effects of IP infringement.

An interesting STL influenced library.

13 Great Free Backup Programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Because backing up is good.

10 Most Beautiful Looking Linux Desktop
10 Finger Licking Linux Desktop Themes
Does exactly what it says on the title.

First Atom-based nano-ITX board?
Soon we will have Atoms on the head of the pin….