Gear Linkage

Mon 06 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

A Fresh Look At Google Gears
A fairly in-depth look at Gears and what it has to offer beyond simply off-line web applications. It even does desktop shortcuts, multiple file uploads, geolocation, and background processes. Cool stuff.

How is Google’s v8 Javascript as an ingame Scripting Language
A blogger with an obviously brilliant first name describes the use of Javascript as an in-game engine. I like the fact you can use V8 independently of the browser, which should lead to some more interesting uses and optimisations arising from those.

RFID reader / tag kit
Tikitag is a RFID tag system that looks very modern and web 2.0.

Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example
A nice quick iPhone application tutorial.

Warnings considered useful
I like maximum warnings when using compiled code because it helps to weed out the idiocies of programming, and this developer gives Windows developers some good pointers.

Pixelmator 1.3 “Tempo” Beta Reviewed
The upcoming version of the image editor for the Mac.
A web service to help you optimise your images for the web.

First Look at Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” Beta
A look at the upcoming version of Ubuntu.

First Look At WordPress 2.7
The features available in the upcoming version of the blogger software.