Git Tool For OSX -GitX

Fri 03 October 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

There is a new Git tool out there for the Mac called GitX. It is a history viewer with a nice looking Aqua interface which makes a welcome change from the look of Gitk. It probably doesn’t quite reach qgit but that website has been very quiet for quite a while.

GitX has the following features:

  • Show pretty information for any revision
  • Fast
  • Nice Aqua interface
  • Quickly search for any commit subject / author
  • Explore tree of any revision
  • QuickLook any file in any revision
  • Double click any file or directory in a tree to open that version
  • Auto-updates

I hope that there is at least one fully featured UI for Git eventually that compares to TortoiseSVN because it will make my life a lot easier. This looks like a very string start for the Mac though, although there are loads of UIs out there being developed, but they all normally use different ways of building their own porcelains.