PyCon UK 2008

Sun 10 August 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

PyCon UK is a convention for the Python programming language in sunny old Birmingham. This year it is from the 12th to 14th of September and it only costs £75 for all three days.

Now I am using Python every day I think maybe I should attend this year. Looking at the talks that are going on it should be an extremely interesting conference. For a start they have Mark Shuttleworth (of Canonical/Ubuntu fame) and Ted Leung to deliver the keynotes.

So far the talks scheduled are the tutorials one Friday which include PyQt4, Django, and Google App Engine. The Django talk will be hosted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss who is one of the benevolent dictators of the project (and creator) and he will be outlining version 1.0 (due in September).

The accepted talks can all be viewed here. It certainly looks like there is a lot of variety.

Last year Julian Todd did a talk on Public Whip and I believe an impromptu one on CAM development. It was a shame to miss those.