Links Innn Spaaace

Fri 08 August 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Space effects, non-competes blown to smithereens, more mini-computers, a world where films are more entertaining, and something you should read about the history of the personal computer.

50 Photoshop Tutorials For Sky and Space Effects
Because you never know when you’ll need a picture of the sky that looks better than the real thing.

State Supreme Court rejects noncompete clauses
Finally somewhere (California, USA) says non-compete clauses are unlawful. Brilliant. I hope that the rest of the world follows suit.

Tiny, 6-chip ‘open’ computer runs Linux
Mini-computers are all the rage at the moment. This one looks like a nice hackable platform (and it is yet another ARM based one).

The Parallel Universe Film Guide
It’s a damn sight more entertaining than the real world of cinema (and is much funnier).

Carmack on Doom, Rage, EA and More
The one man programming army gives more hints about future Id products.

Forgotten PC history: The true origins of the personal computer
Shedding some light on the history of the PC and revealing some truths.

Plex – Media Centre For Linux
Plex have joined forces with Centerstage to create a comprehensive media centre solution. This means you now get a flashy UI with the X-Box Media Centre back-end.

WordPress WPTouch Theme
Helps to make blogs easier to read on the iPhone and also look pretty integrated.

WordPress Twitter Plug-in
Two way integration for WordPress blogs and Twitter which looks really useful. Maybe I should go that route for links?