Creaking Under The Weight Of Links

Thu 07 August 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Lots of links today…

Going Rogue
Why do people leave the safety of a regular wage to go into independent game development? Well, creativity and satisfaction are two good reasons.

TextMate Plug-in: ProjectPlus
Interesting plug-in for TextMate which provides extra functionality including some Git support.

Mozilla Labs >> Concept Series
Mozilla are attempting to generate more discussion for future directions with the Internet. The Aurora Concept is generating the most discussion from the design firm Adaptive Path.

2008 LLVM Developers’ Meeting
Lots of presentations and videos from the LLVM development meeting. It’s a great technology and is getting a good ecosystem around it, and when Clang reaches production state it will be very interesting.

Mystery Tales No 40
In Lost there was a brief glimpse of a comic from the 1950s. Some people got hold of it and have scanned it in and analysed it in the context of Lost. But I love Golden Age comics and the scans are fantastic. The creator credits can be read here and it features Steve Ditko’s first ever work for Marvel (or Atlas as it was known then).

New “Watchmen” Posters Echo Originals
These posters are very good. Stuff like this makes me optimistic for the quality, but I can’t get carried away.

Organize your PDF library with iTunes
I never knew you could organise your documents with iTunes…

15 Desktop Blogging Tools Reviewed
I’ve never used the desktop ones as the web interfaces have been typically more than adequate, and also switching to WordPress from Blogger was a big leap forward.

Designers on quest to build $12 computer
Hacking the Nintendo compatible keyboard computer looks like fun.

The $10 TV Computer Project – International Development Design Summit 2008
When $12 is too much.

Ars Technica Guide to Virtualization: Part I
A series about virtualisation and what it really means. It made me remember when my brain finally got the concept of virtualisation (see this old post).

Video of Cory Doctorow’s talk
His talk last month in Cambridge is well worth a watch. I definitely need to watch it again as it was so dense in content that I am sure I have missed something.

No, your code is not so great that it doesn’t need comments
I like rants that tell you to comment your code. Just because you can understand the intention it does not mean that others will interpret the information in the same fashion.

Features Planned for WordPress 2.7
Some interesting possible features for the next version of WordPress. Integrated one-click plug-in installs would definitely be nice, as well as comment threading.

What if Linux Took a Vista ‘Mojave’ Test?
An obvious question, but Mojave was a marketing tool rather than a clear scientific test.

Larrabee: Intel’s biggest leap since the Pentium Pro
Interestingly it looks like the chip’s debut will be as an add-in board (a GPU).

Firefox 3 features you may not know
The duplicate tab feature by dragging is something I wish I knew about before.

KDE 4.0 Style Theme for Firefox 3.0
Make Mozilla Firefox look more integrated into the new version of the KDE.

Resolution Independent GTK+
A patch has been submitted that adds resolution independence to the GTK+ toolkit.

Mozilla Qt Port is available for testing
A test for the embedding of Mozilla in Qt.

Songbird 0.7: Big Improvements for the Little Music Player
Songbird is a great little music player, and they are still adding loads of great features and have completely revamped the UI(!)

iChm – CHM Reader For The Mac
A good looking CHM reader for the Mac when you are stuck with Windows style help files.

Feedly For Firefox 3
Feedly attempts to make using your feeds even more fun. I am still playing with it but it looks nice and allows you to Twitter directly from the UI, unfortunately not for WordPress…

Microsoft Misses Windows Mobile Sales Target
Just because…

Get Your War On: The Watch List – Animated Series
It is so bizarre seeing clip-art come to life… I thought the comic series was great – I’m waiting with baited breath to see if some of the more extreme content makes it.

Fans spend over £30,000 on Transformers
I missed out n Auto Assembly this year because of visiting sunny and hot Barcelona but it sounds like it was a success. Congrats to the AA team.

Hand Drawn Map Association
I bet someone creates a plug-in for Google Maps to make it all look hand drawn.

Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets
Is 700 years beyond the statute of limitations?

Cthulhu fonts
Interesting fonts from The Old Ones.