E-Ink Or Link?

Thu 31 July 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover
Two pages of e-ink paper in one magazine for the normal price. The sponsorship will help pay for it, and I suppose if it works it could set a precedent. Now Esquire are challenging people to hack it into something else.

I bet that these magazines prove hard to get hold of, but I’ll definitely be up for buying some and then doing some hacking (I’m sure Hackaday will have some interesting posts when the time rolls around). I wonder if it would be easy to connect one to a network

Feedburner Are Looking Into The Zero Subscriber Problem
I thought I was going mad looking at massive fluctuations on Feedburner (although most of the time it stayed at zero). Fingers crossed this gets solved soon.

Ballantine Books to Publish Book Inspired by the Webcomic Garfield Minus Garfield
Jim Davis deserves a pat on the back for embracing rather than litigating, a thoroughly modern approach.

Massive blogging growth in UK
One in 84 website visits is to a blog, and blogging shall inherit the earth. It’s probably the frequently updated content that helps, but when does a magazine news site become a blog and vice-versa.

Watchmen #29 In The US Top Selling Books
Not bad for a twenty-odd year old “comic”. It’s undeniably brilliant and the book deserves the exposure it is getting.

TARDIS MAME cabinet makes even Daleks swoon
MAME + TARDIS = Double-Plus Good

Delicious Rolls Out Version 2.0
Delicious rolls out its new URL and swish new look, and it does indeed look good.

Microsoft FrameIt Turns Web Pages & Feeds into Framed Images
Delivering content to photo frames by Microsoft.