Let Them Eat Links

Sun 27 July 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

Bletchley Park
World famous for Turing and the Enigma, and in need of more funds.

Microsoft trueSpace: Free Alternative to 3ds Max, Google Sketchup
A good free application for 3D graphics or another example of “embrace and extend”? 3D graphics software tends to be high margin, low volume so I can see this completely messing around with the market.

Indie Game Review Panel [July Edition]
I love these monthly round-ups of the independent games available that month. Independent games certainly deserve more coverage because they tend to be more tightly focussed and artistically complete pieces that modern large scale commercial games.

Google Mobile Searches Your Contacts and the Web
Google’s first iPhone app offering providing universal search (no surprise it is done by the Quicksilver developer).

13 Apps to Turn Your iPhone into a Blogging Machine
Become your very own “self-facilitating media node”.

Distorted Software
Great article about development, but the best bit is the animation of the timeline and commits for Python development:

code_swarm – Python from Michael Ogawa on Vimeo.

Check out the code_swarm project here.

New to Git?
If you are new to Git, the distributed source control system this link provides some good places to get started.

An Early Look At Amarok 2
A nice look at the upcoming KDE4 based music player.

Labs At Night
Strangely beautiful images of labs at night time.

JavaScript: The Good Parts
A review of the book I have been trying to write a review for…

SysAdminDay 2008
I only missed the last eight of these…

Cartoonist Who Created The Joker Discusses ‘The Dark Knight’
Jerry Robinson, one of the golden age great comic artists discusses the latest portrayal of his creation, The Joker. He is also the guy that made sure that the creators of Superman were eventually treated respectfully by the comic business and is a great protector of creator’s rights.

First Look: Transformers Animated – The Cartoon Network series comes to the Nintendo DS
This new animated version of the Transformers is surprisingly good, and the new game on the DS doesn’t look too bad either.