I’m Regressing – The Command-Line

Wed 23 July 2008 by Garry Bodsworth

On my home Mac I have been using Porticus to manage packages from MacPorts. What I discovered today installing packages for work (a fair few) was that about halfway through the day I had reverted entirely to the commandline and I don’t particularly know how or why but I was a hell of a lot faster at it.

After working in Windows which I have found commandline avoidable. It doesn’t really work when you are installing lots of programs (each one installs differently, MSIs, copying, and who knows what) and trying to script a system (without reverting to something like cygwin).

As I head down the road of the commandline I realised that I don’t know enough shortcuts so I’m going to have to learn more of them to accomplish tasks faster. I think soon I’ll be using emacs full time…